Why Soft Skills Training Is Good for Your Personal Growth

softskillsOK! We all know that how important technical skills are, still apart from these technical skills it is these kind of skills that matter the most. Having technical knowledge is just the entry point to get into the industry. Your main competition begins when you start communicating with the clientele. So, you will have to make sure of the work ethics, communication skills, attitude, empathy, IQ, EQ and similar other attributes which are considered as crucial for career success.

If you possess these skill sets, you can excel as a leader because then delegating, problem solving, team building and motivating will become much easier and you will know how to get along with the people. The issue that many recruiters face while hiring prospective candidates is that they lack in soft skills. One reason for this could be that it is often undervalued and is regarded less relevant when compared to hard skills. Irrespective of the industry one is working in, soft skills are universal. Thus, it is important to strike a balance between imparting

Study Dentistry Abroad and Explore New Opportunities

bds-dentistry-a206Ageing teeth are the ones that require the most care and for this reason people approach to a dentist frequently. Dental care is much more than just cosmetic. Affecting every aspect of your life, tooth problems are just too serious to ignore. A career in the dental sector seems to provide excellent opportunities and enable students to explore new ideas and knowledge. The international standard of teaching at the top universities abroad surely sweep you off your feet. The institutions offer dentistry courses at highly affordable rates and hence the dentistry colleges are the major center of attraction for all foreigner candidates.

The best aspect is that the educational establishments offer learning under English mediums of instructions. There are also certain medical institutions which believe in offering guaranteed scholarships to dedicated, sincere and hardworking candidates. The faculties of the educational establishments also offer learning by conducting seminars, conferences and training. Financial assistance is being offered to the weak and poor candidates. Student life is enjoying and various cultural programs are being organized by these institutions.

So this proves to very

Useful Tips On How To Support Your Childs Good Study Habits

pros-cons-of-standardized-testsMost parents today have problems with getting kids to study on their own. Since kids today are more preoccupied with watching TV, playing games on their computer and other gadgets, parents will really have a hard time getting them to stop doing these and start studying.

Once you see that your child has developed some good study habits, the next thing you have to do is to ensure that they continue practicing these and they do not fall back to their bad or lazy ways of studying.

As a parent, it can be a huge task to make sure that your child continues to practice good study habits. But there are some useful tips you can follow to support your child’s after-school learning activities at home. These tips include the following:

Work with your child in making a realistic timetable for studying. To make sure that your child follows through with his or her studying plan at home, guide him or her to come up with a timetable that your kid can easily follow. This

Study Help for High School Students

Students at the age of high school, their bodies develop physically from being kids to being adults.

This make most students think in a different way that they never thought before, especially sexual realizations.

Most students in this age focus less in what they should study and focus more on adult matters like having sexual relationships and going to clubs, this is when they should have help for their studying matters.

Help for me was defined as someone who can listen to me – at all cases – with an open mind who can also give me some suggestions about what I should do and what I shouldn’t do in different situations.

He or she can listen to me when:

I am angry

I am confused

I am pissed off

I feel offended

I need to take a decision

Any case
That’s why I highly recommend that you join a group that has members who have similar issues like you, that you can share in it your problems. Sharing you problem and knowing that there are members who have similar issue, alone, can make you reshape your thoughts

Types of College Essay Topics That Every Student Must Know

Essays can be a tough assignment for many students. Although essays mean writing a series of paragraphs, putting one’s thoughts in a correct way can be complicated. Knowing the rules to follow will certainly make one’s work stand out among the rest. As there are several types of essays, below are the most frequently used and the rules to follow to make one’s essay effective.


This type of essay focuses on an idea and the reaction of the writer. The essay starts with a statement or a question which is answered by the writer by providing his opinion on the matter. The opinion is backed up by a series of evidences or facts supporting the argument. The writer would then conclude the paper in a concise and clear manner. Examples include writer’s opinion on an event, humanity and even politics.

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect is the easiest type of essay as it is concerned with providing readers the cause and the effect or end result. This type allows writers to practice their organization skills while at the same time discussing the ideas they are interested in. The essay starts with either

Academic Excellence Isn’t The Only Benefit Of Child Care

Modern society tends to place greater emphasis on academic and financial excellence, with less concern on social and personal development. In fact, from such a perspective, you would assume that academic and financial excellence would easily make up for any deficiency in social and personal development. However, this is not the kind of lop-sided perspective that you would find in a professional child care facility.

Such a well-organized facility would always have a balanced emphasis on all aspects that are pivotal in all-round development of young children. Indeed, proven research has clearly shown the indisputable link between emotional development and financial/ professional success. This is clearly seen from a study by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) that shows just how powerful this aspect of emotional development is, to the extent of being even more valuable than IQ and experience.

As you can clearly see, an early learning centre must provide a conducive environment for all-round development of all kids. This means that ample opportunities must be created for children to socialize and build their personal and social skills, apart from receiving well-organized academic training.

Don’t Feel Guilty About Taking Your Child To Daycare

How to Be Successful in the Classroom

All students like to be successful in classrooms including students who believe that they should be naughty in the classroom to require attention and respect. Success in classrooms are different for different students, success in classroom are categorized to:

• Student-to-colleagues social success

• Student-to-teachers social success

• Student academic and intelligence success in class

There are students who are successful building relationships with their colleagues in class without focusing on building good relationships with teacher or to get good grades in different classes.

There are also students who build good relationships with teachers, but not with their colleagues at class nor they get good grades in different classes.

The third type of students are those who focus solely on their academic success and to look more intelligent than others in class and they neglect the relationship part of the success in class.

In this post, I will not talk about balancing between the three types of success to be successful, but rather I will talk about how to be successful with yourself so that success in class can come automatically.

Most students who focus on balancing their success between

Social Skills Lessons For Middle School

Middle school is the period were students change biologically from being kids to adults, this change may pass normally for some students for their social relationships and can be challenging for other students regarding social relationships.

Changing biologically from being a kid to an adult has many changes in the student inside thoughts, feelings and emotions and from the outside regarding the ways to deal with others in this critical period and if there is no awareness for the student in the middle school period, he or she can have social skills problems dealing with people and with his or her feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Let me tell you this story that explains the change that happens to Andy in his middle school period.

Andy was a kid that finished elementary school successfully, he was preparing for middle school but he never thought about his biological changes although he always wanted to be an adult because of the following reasons:

I will be more free when I am an adult
I can do what adults do when I am one
I will enjoy doing what adults enjoy doing
Although these beliefs are right he

How to Study Efficiently

Exam. This word might repeatedly bounce in your head this week. Why not? The semester is ending and paracetamol is the best-selling medicine. Well, everything is going to be fine, we are prepared. Oops, I bet not. Oh, I think I will be fine if the questions are not on this part. I bet you are not that confident, are you?

There is no debate on what’s the best way to excel in your exam. Preparation has always been the best way and it is not a straight road to go to in the first place. “What a heck?” you might say, but like my professor once said, “To the stars through rough roads”. Studying is hard and to excel is much harder. It is not a secret! I’ve been there.

There are times when I think that passing is just the opposite of the things that I have. What if I’ll do the opposite of the things that I usually do or have? Well, it might end to have a good result. Let’s see. Here are some things that, I think, affect my life a lot.

1. I am half-hearted.

If you want

Education Must Enlighten Our Lives

Education is meant for equipping a person with skills and knowledge to live the life meaningfully. Any curriculum, be it at the school, college, and training levels, should enable the learner to upgrade the capabilities for contributing more to the life on Earth. Whatever be the systems adopted for education, the purpose must remain the same.

The policies and systems of the government affect the academic advancement and career of several deserving people. The authorities should admit the students by giving importance to the talents than the quotas based on caste and religion, donations, and recommendations. By denying the admission to the meritorious students, the society actually stands to lose from the potential benefits that accrue from the education of the former.

The purpose of education needs to be achieved by imparting theory and practice simultaneously. It should kindle the minds to think and explore new horizons. Aptitude based learning has to be encouraged, and the employment orientated approach must be discarded. The syllabus should instill courage and confidence in the learner and not become a burden. Students must be trained in the upkeep of their places and the surroundings. The subjects of civic sense and

What Makes Private Schools Better

Giving your children the best education possible is important. In some areas, public schools have resources to give your child a head start in the world. Sadly, for many, these facilities simply don’t have the funding or resources possible to give your kids the advantages they need to get ahead. However, private schools continually offer educational advantages to their students. While a good education is important, it is not the sole reason many parents choose these schools.

Individual Attention

It is a sad truth that public facilities are overcrowded, with as many as forty children in a single classroom with a single teacher. That means that students who are struggling to keep up often get left behind. In private schools, the classroom size is limited to no more than 20-22 children. This gives teachers ample opportunity to give each student the individual attention he or she needs to excel. The teachers get to know how their students think and respond to certain learning techniques. They can then individualize their instruction so that each student has an opportunity to learn the information in a way that is best suited for them.

Thanks to the small class

Scholarship in Dubai

Studies reveal that university students are on some form of scholarship with UAE universities offering under-graduate and post-graduate programs with scholarships running into hundreds of thousands of Dirhams to attract meritorious and financially challenged students to their campuses. And not just from the UAE either. Colleges are offering plenty in terms of incentives to students from all over the world. There are numerous scholarship options available to Indian students willing to study in Dubai.

Full Scholarships

Most institutes and universities in the UAE offer a certain percentage of scholarships or exemption of fees. The trend goes by the usual norm of 20-30% of fees being exempted but goes as far as 50-100% scholarships in cases of exceptionally bright and deserving students. These full scholarships are provided to students wanting to study but cannot afford the fee due to special circumstances. Academically inclined students are also offered a tuition waiver depending upon their scores at various levels with offers such as 10% tuition fee waiver for students scoring 86-89 percent and more than 15% for those scoring 90 percent and above. One hundred per cent scholarships are given on a discretionary basis. Scholarships are awarded based on

7 Tips That Will Help You to Become a Bookworm

Reading books is one of the best hobbies because apart from helping you pass your time and it can also help you to increase your knowledge in a significant manner. All bookworms go through a phase in which they successfully blend into the reading habit. Here we will give you a few tips that can help you also to get into this habit in full flow. These tips are as follows.

a) Resort to borrowing habits

This is a very old school practice but still it can be highly effective. When you borrow a book there is obviously a deadline set and this can be a great motivation. Keep the due date in mind and finish the book on time.

b) Read everywhere

Keep a book in your and read it anywhere you go. This will help you to pass your time in a very productive manner. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling or are about to sleep, you can read your book 24 hours a day also.

c) Read out to your kid or brother

This can easily be described as a new school technique. You can read out to

Importance of Montessori Training in Elementary Education

Technology is ruling the contemporary time and its presence is visible in every nook and corner of the world. Health, education, personal welfare everything is just a click away. Bringing up a child in this technologically advanced age can be quite challenging, they already know the World Wide Web. Thus, to nurture a child’s emotional and behavioural capabilities in a better way early education is needed that helps a kid to grow with intelligence and empathy rather than a mechanical being.

The Montessori form of education plays a pivotal role in a child’s early education. It has evolved since ages at par with the fast paced world but it still holds the principles of its founder. Sometimes we confuse Montessori teaching with traditional ways of teaching; however, both are entirely different. While traditional learning focuses mainly on academics and follow a set curriculum and discipline Montessori education focuses on the child’s acquisition of academic, social, practical and life skills. In traditional education system a child is a passive participant in learning, taught by a teacher, sitting at desks, copying from the board and they are limited to what they are given. Through Montessori education a child learns

No Pain No Gain Study Plan

A young man walked into my office the other day with the intent to study abroad, but he had idled away his final year of high school and so could not meet the entrance requirements to study at an international university. If there is no pain, there is no gain. Getting good marks does require some effort. Here are some tips to get those high marks that will take you places:

1. Get sufficient rest, nourishment and exercise – getting proper rest, eating enough food and getting plenty of exercise will give you the energy you need to study.

2. Have a set time and place to study – if you have a set routine and a good place to study, then you will not forget to study or procrastinate. The study place should not be your bed; you will only fall asleep.

3. Plan a daily study schedule, don’t cram for exams – plan to study everyday. This will help your long-term memory and you will remember everything you need to for the exam. Cramming only lasts as long as the cram; the facts may not even remain in your head long enough to

Tips for BDS Students

Is it funny or strange that some people don’t consider dentists as ‘doctors’? In practice, profession & academics, a dentist’s journey is more or less similar to that of a doctor. BDS i.e. Bachelor of Dental Surgery is a 5-year undergraduate program which is the standard course for dentists, equivalent of MBBS. Once you enter the gates of your college, you are a student of the medical profession.

What is BDS?

BDS is a 5-year undergraduate program for dentists. Throughout the first four years, students go through a wide course which involves practical and theoretical learning. After internship in the fifth year, the student is qualified as a dentist.

Lack of motivation, inappropriate guidance, vast course structure, busy study schedules are some of the few challenges the students face during the initial years of BDS. Moreover, there’s lots of pressure on a student that only a student could understand.

BDS College and BDS Degree – How to MOVE Forward?


With seniors acting maturely and helping their fellow juniors, it is necessary that you will get a lot of advice from them. Capitalizing on the important ones is your precise task.

Graduate School Students Acuity on the Instructional Leadership Practices of Their Administrators

There has been much discussion regarding the relative effectiveness of different leadership styles in bringing about improved student performance. The author strongly agree that leadership in any teaching-learning process is a vital tool in the development of student-friendly environment where students can learn skills for lifelong learning. Instructional leadership can be defined as “those actions that a school administrator takes, or delegates to others, to promote development and enhancement in student learning.” In practice, this means that the school administrator encourages educational achievement by making instructional quality the top priority of the school and brings that vision to realization.

The role of an instructional leader differs from that of traditional school administrator in a number of meaningful ways. Whereas a conventional principal spends the majority of his/her time dealing with strictly administrative duties, a principal who is an instructional leader is charged with redefining his/her role to become the primary learner in a community striving for excellence in education. Hence, it is the responsibility of the school administrator to develop good human relations to teachers and students in order to attain such goals.It is an accepted universal concept in the academic world that instructional leader essentially means

Public School Grading

Tomlinson and McTighe advocated for a multiple approach to grading and propose that three factors be reported: (1) grades for achievement of goals, (2) progress towards goals, and (3) work habits (p. 135). This is a thought provoking statement. I would love to grade in this manner. I am just not sure how to begin. The county in which I work, CCS, requires the following grade breakdown: 40% Test/Project/Quiz, 40% Classwork, 10% Homework, and 10% Class Participation. I was thinking that I could do a paper copy of the three categories and then input a grade based upon them at the end of each quarter into Power-School /IAM NC Cloud. However, we are required to post a minimum of three grades per week. The grades are averaged and at the end of the quarter the student gets a mean grade. For a first semester grade, first quarter and second quarter are averaged. For a second semester grade, third and fourth quarters are averaged. The final grade takes the mean of first, second, third and fourth quarter and finds the average of the four. To add a little confusion or “gray fog”, teachers who work for the CCS are

Strategies to Prepare for Competitive Examination

Proper guidance is definitely the key to success. And, when it’s about the competitive examination, everything needs to be perfect. In fact, an aspirant does all he can, to crack the civil exams. Here are a few simple strategies that you shall adopt in order to get success in the examination.

Choose the Right Coaching Classes
The foremost thing is picking out the right coaching center. Since there are a number of coaching institutes, it is really difficult to make out which one is the best. So, before making the final decision, consider their reputation, know about the faculty, observe the atmosphere of the academy, check out the previous results, etc.

Regular Classes
In a coaching institute, there are regular classes which help understand the syllabus and complete it on time. And with this regular practice, you get a firm grip on the subject which develops the habit of answering smartly in the examination.

Break up the Time Wisely
Since the syllabus of the exam is vast, you need to plan your studies accordingly. It demands proper time. So, divide the syllabus and then divide the time to be paid to every subject. This habit

Four Keys to Accessing a Top Private School

Do you live in a low-performing district? Is your child’s classwork uninspiring? There are many reasons a family may choose private education over public. The following suggestion can help your child attend the best private school in town.

Research Galore

All private schools are not created equally. When looking for the right fit for your child, consider all the aspects of learning. Does your child excel at the arts? Is she a karate wiz? Children needing more structure may thrive in military programs while others may need programs employing the Socratic method. Evaluate the program offerings, teaching styles, and career paths of alumni for help reaching a decision.

Once you have a short list of possible matches, build a schedule to set up visits, open houses, games, performances, etc. Attending these various events will give you first-hand information about the learning community. You will want to know as much as possible about each program before you complete applications and send in down payments.

Summer Fun?

In some highly competitive cities like New York, toddlers go to tutoring in order to prepare for pre-K entrance exams. While some may see this as extreme, it